noun \ mĭs’əd-vĕn’chər \ to arrive at an unintended location

Medicine mistakes can occur when you go into and come out of hospital, and when you see different health professionals.

Tell your health professionals about all of your prescription, over-the-counter and complementary medicines (herbal, natural, vitamins and supplements). This will help to ensure that the best decisions are made about your health and medicines.

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A diagram illustrating how medicine mistakes can happen. The diagram parodies a London underground tube map with four different lines: You take complementary medicines; You go to a different pharmacist; You leave hospital with a new script; and You go to a different medical centre. The lines run through stations such as Don’t tell the GP or pharmacist; Get same medicine in different brand; Don’t say what you are taking; Double Dose Junction; and Interactive Interchange. All of the lines terminate at Hospital Central.